Group Outplacement

The group approach serves multi-employee downsizings and provides a cost-effective means of delivering effective outplacement support. Affected employees are offered assistance to help them achieve their next job quickly with minimum disruption to their careers and families.

We provide Career Transition Workshops to help participants develop workable job finding skills and build up confidence to conduct a successful job search campaign. Additionally, all of our group programs come with a minimum of twelve weeks of individual follow-up support to provide assistance during the most critical time in a job search.

Our group service includes:

Developing a successful job search campaign

Assistance in assessing strengths and weaknesses and creating a career profile

Preparing the right resume (includes a professionally formatted resume)

Preparing the right cover letter (includes samples)

Having the skills needed for a successful interview

A manual on developing a successful career transition

Individual job search advice provided for a designated period after the worksho